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Art and Science Exhibition 2016-2017

Genius is when an idea and the execution of that idea are simultaneous - Albert Einstein

The Art and science exhibition for the year 2016-17 was conducted at Bilva Indian School on Thursday,13th October and it emulated the hope and aspirations of our children in becoming the geniuses of tomorrow.


Many people have a misunderstanding about learning arts and crafts as they think it is meant for non-scholastic areas but in reality Art and Crafthas become an important aspect of modern education and anyone can take up these as a specialized subject for making a career.

The tiny tots of Bilva Indian School poured out their creativity and talent at the Art and Science exhibition held at the school on Thursday. Children of grade 1 to 8 participated in the exhibition that brought out the latent skills of the children.


Genius is when an idea and the execution of that idea are simultaneous - Albert Einstein

The exhibits of science were displayed in the school library which enabled the children to display their interest and understanding of Science. Students of grades 1 and 2 presented their beautiful models based on the various topics they learn in the class. Students of grades 3 to 8 actively participated in the exhibition by demonstrating various experiments and presenting their working models which also included some ecofriendly models like solar bottle light and eco cooler. The students presented their investigation projects with the support of project display boards. Students also displayed different scientific games and quizzes which exhibited their knowledge and interest in science.



The Art Department showcased collage work, blow painting, block printing, vegetable printing, mosaic art, thumb printing and spray printing. Deeply immersed in their own creative world, children described their works to the visitors under the guidance of the teachers.

The exhibition was held to provide a platform for children to display their knowledge, creativity, investigative skills and talent. "It also boosts their confidence when they get appreciation for their creative talent," said the Vice Principal of the school.

Parents and visitors were invited to motivate our student's venture and they gave a positive feedback on the same.

The exhibition was a fun and enriching one which motivated the children to give their best.

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