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academic year
KG1 to Grade-8

Report on - Enrichment Learning Program (2nd Round) (2016-2017)

For grades- 1 to 8

Date - 3rd October,2016 to 31st October,2016

Days - Sunday, Monday, Wednesday

Duration 2:00pm to 3:15pm

Activities and name of the trainers:
S no. Activity Name of the trainer/ teacher
1 Football Mr. Joes and Mr. Mohandas
2 Cricket Mr. Vinan Nair
3 Lawn tennis Mr. Krishanan
4 Swimming Mr. Chinnappa Raj
5 Basketball Ms. Kiran Parashar
6 Music Mr. Alvin
7 Art & Craft Ms. Bhavna and Mr. Rahul

To complement the core curriculum, Bilva Indian School provides a wide range of experiences and resources to foster student learning in our Enrichment Learning Activities that are provided by school teachers and external experts, coaches, all delivered within the regular school days.

The most exciting part of the Enrichment Learning program (ELP) is that it provides children with an opportunity to choose from a range of activities in which they are interested. Our aim is to ensure every student has a great experience while they develop skills in the chosen activity.

All sessions last for 1hour,15minutes and are delivered by highly trained members or specialists in the field who are experienced at delivering technical skills for both primary and middle school aged children. A duration of 1hour,15minutes is allocated thrice a week for the programme conducted in the School premises.

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