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KG1 to Grade-8


On Thursday 12th January 2017, grades 1 to 4 went for an excursion trip to Kidzania Dubai.

We left school by 8am in different school buses and reached the spot by 9am. Students were warmly welcomed by the staff and were provided with some amount of Kidzania money, which was used for accessing the various services available inside the campus.

Students were given the opportunity to choose the activity they would like to learn and play. Students who chose similar activities were sorted into groups and led to their respective workstations by a teacher. There were various workstations where children could learn along with earning money. This supported the real life experience learning for our children. All teachers were on regular rounds to ensure the safety of our children and were constantly guiding them with directions and encouraging students to visit various workstations in order to earn more money.Students on an average accessed around 6 to 8 different workstations. A good level of exposure to learning by doing was provided by all the activities in the campus instilling the different 21st century skills like Creativity, critical thinking, communication, confidence and collaboration.

Students also took back the items they had made in their workstations like perfume bottles, jewellery , chocolates, cola , pizza , key chains, paintings, cookies ,candles etc. Students earned good amount of money by working at different workstations, they visited the gift shop in the campus and exchanged their earned money to buy souvenirs for themselves and their families. It was an enriching learning and fun experience for all students from grade 1 to 4. The excursion came to an end by 1pm,we returned to school taking back lot of learning and happy moments and reached school by 2pm.

The following skills were developed by students at different workstations:

1. Psychomotor Development:

  • Development of subjectivity (interior world)
  • Sublimation of anxiety and hyperactivity
  • Handling of symbolic expression
  • Solving conflicts
  • Construction of identity, gender, race and professions patterns among others

2. Emotional Development:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Management & Adaptability
  • Social Awareness & Empathy
  • Teamwork

3.Cognitive Development:

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Analysis and synthesis
  • Imagination
  • Creativity
  • Scientific thinking
  • Communication
  • Logic relations

4. Social Development:

  • Moral development
  • Monetary understanding
  • Social expressiveness
  • Social perception
  • Social adaptibility
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