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Interactive session on Anti-Bullying

Students from Grade 5 to 8 attended an Interactive session conducted by our In-house Counsellor on 19th October, 2016 in the School Auditorium. The purpose of the session was to share the School's Anti-Bullying Policy and educate students on the importance of taking a stand against bullying.

Students watched informative videos on the same topic to enhance their understanding of expected behaviour at school and the protocol to be followed to report an incident of bullying. The Student Council members were also reminded of their duties and responsibilities with regard to modelling appropriate attitudes and positive traits. Real life examples were discussed and students were encouraged to speak up for themselves and confide in an adult at school and report untoward incidents at the earliest to help someone in need. Senior students even volunteered to answer the queries put forward by the lower grade students which in turn aided in building a stronger bond among the varied age groups in School.

Given below are the links of the videos that were viewed by students during the session : - Introduction - Interactive session - Ways to stop Bullying

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