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Joy of Giving Assembly

We all know how great it feels to receive gifts. However, the joy of getting is short-lived. Our lives get richer when we share, and the great inner joy comes from helping others to better their lives. Truly giving from the heart fills your life with joy and nourishes your soul. Giving provides an intrinsic reward that's far more valuable than the gift one receives.

As Bryant McGill said "Giving is the master key to success, in all applications of human life". Hence, to put some light on our theme "Joy of Giving", the students of Grade 1E presented a short assembly for Grades 1 to 4 in the auditorium on 22nd January 2017.

The message of Giving was brought forward in the form of a song and it was a delight to know that the theme of U.A.E for the year 2017 is Joy of Giving. It was a humble feeling to know that the little ones are so sensitive to others feelings and needs. It is a great practice to educate the children about helping others and the assembly did that wonderfully.

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