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STEM - Do It Yourself

Bilva Indian School conducted its first "Do it yourself" competition from Grade 1 to Grade 8 on Monday, 13th February 2017.

It was an overall learning experience for the students across the grades, wherein they were challenged to perform different tasks. STEM projects were given to each section to give them opportunity to showcase their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

In "Sink a bottle project" given for grades 1, students were able to inquire the ways of making a plastic bottle sink in water. Students used trial and error method, by filling the bottle with various waste materials such as stones, pebbles, shells, paper etc and immersing it in water to get their desired result.

"Mystery bag" challenge was indeed exciting for the children. Various kind of materials were provided to students to create something for good purpose. Curious minds were involved in planning and creating something which can meet their need or solve a problem. Teachers monitored the students to help them build their invention and make their imagination live.

Grades 3 were engaged with the pom pom drop activity to explore about gravity. Grades 4 were actively engrossed in building the tallest structure that could withstand the earthquake. The young scientists of grade-5 were busy designing & building a container that could protect the egg from high fall. Every team of all grades followed the various scientific steps of observation, planning, designing, testing, predicting, etc. to obtain their final product.

Students have specific supplies and must design and construct a roller coaster model. They must work together and complete the challenge within a time limit. It is truly exciting to watch them work and test their roller coasters. It's a test of patience with constant revisions

The middle school students were given the tasks to make a sling shot car, spinning Ferris wheel and roller coaster. They explored their engineering and designing skills to build up their models. Students were provided specific supplies and were asked to design and construct the model. They must work together and complete the challenge within a time limit. It was truly exciting to watch them work and test their models. It's a test of patience with constant revisions.

Thus, students projected immense enthusiasm and curiosity towards different challenges given to them and was a great success.

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