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Teachers Day

Date: 05th September 2016

"To the world you may be just teachers but to us you are HEROES" this was what the students emanated on the 5th of September 2016 - Teachers Day. The students were eagerly awaiting this day and were super excited to express their respect and love to their lovely teachers.

A special assembly was conducted by the Student Council members to celebrate this day. The children portrayed their love through song and dance. All the love, respect and adulation, the children felt for their teachers, was beautifully put into a speech which made the teachers feel loved.

Games were also arranged for the teachers by the children which was like the icing on the cake.

The Vice Principal thanked all the students for the lovely display of affection they put up for all the teachers to see. It was an emotional as well as a fun filled day for all.

The celebrations did not just end there. In return of all the knowledge and guidance the teachers give, the students wanted to do a bit more as an expression of gratitude. The children took on the roles of all the teachers for an hour and got a feel of how it is to be a teacher. The children did a great job with it.

The day ended with a feeling of great respect and affection and also assured that the student - teacher bond grew even more rock solid.

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