Admission open for
academic year
KG1 to Grade-8

welcome assembly

A welcome assembly was conducted on the 3rd of January by the student council members to usher in the new year and also welcome the students to a fresh start.

Apart from the invocation of the holy Quran, a provoking thought of the day and informative news headlines, a wonderful speech was delivered by the students of the council that motivated everyone and pushed the students to have a positive attitude towards the days that have yet to come. The students also emphasized on the importance of sharing the knowledge and experience gained with the ones less fortunate anywhere and everywhere around us.

Their inspiring words and excitement was an amazing start to the new year. This was followed by the Vice Principals address to welcome the children once again to school and also to wish them a blessed new year.

From the entire team of Bilva, we wish each and every one of you a Very Happy New Year and wishing that all of us have the courage, strength, faith and excitement to face the challenges that have yet to come in the days ahead.

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