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World Religion Day Assembly

Date: 15.1.17

An assembly on World Religion Day was conducted for Grades 5 to 8 by the students of Grade 5B in the auditorium on 15 January 2017. It was an informative and interactive assembly where the students learnt about the different religions of the world. The students took turns to convey valuable information about three of the main religions in the world - Islam, Christianity and Hinduism. Some of the students were dressed up in traditional clothes to shed more light on the traditional clothing of these religions.

Students spoke about the important days of worship, places of worship and the festivals celebrated by each of these religions. An attractive power point presentation was displayed to impart more information on the same. The students spoke about the importance to end wars and respect each and every religion through a poem. The students shared some important sayings from each religion which all lead to a common value- Unity and Peace.

The students were astonished to know that there are more than 730 different religions in the world altogether. It was an enriching and enlightening experience for them.

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